Servus Krone Beitrag Orientierungslauf

TV-report about orienteering and me, produced by austrian TV-station ServusTV, can now be watched online on YouTube.

Posted by Mathias on December 7, 2016
Screenshot, taken from YouTube. (c) ServusTV

On Sunday, 11th of September 2016, I had the chance to work together with austrian TV-station ServusTV at a local competition in Kirchberg am Wechsel. The reporters accompanied me during that day and in the end, ServusTV broadcasted the story on 24th of September, austrians "Tag des Sports" ('day of sports'), in their TV programme "Servus Krone".
I really enjoyed contributing to a TV-report and I also think, that the video is recommendable! Thanks to all the organisers and helpers in the background to make that possible.
By clicking here, you can watch the video on YouTube.

Text by Mathias Peter.