Getting ready in Davos.

Fresh air, time to relax as well as awesome orienteering-sessions to find my JWOC-flow.

Posted by Mathias on July 8, 2016

In order to get used to the thin mountain air, I decided to spend some time (3rd - 7th July) at Lauras place in the swiss-alps: the city of Davos.
As I had done the last hard training-sessions before Junior World-Champs (including Schlossberg-intervals, a track-sesssion (3x 1000m in 2:54, 2:52 and 2:50 with 8' break in between) and O-intervals) the days before my journey, I spend quite a lot of time on relaxing and enjoying a lot of free time after tough last weeks at university.
In addition to that, I did some orienteering in lovely alpine forests (thanks to Laura and Philipp), played an intens unihockey-game and ran some last 200m tapering intervals. Last but not least I enjoyed the swiss hospitality and could join a barbecue dinner at Lake Davos:

BBQ in Davos barbecue-dinner at Lake Davos

I really enjoyed those four days and feel ready for the following championships! Follow JWOC live here!

Abreise von Davos Departure from Davos, travelling towards Engadin and ready for JWOC - Stilsicher mit der Rhätischen Bahn!

Text by Mathias Peter.